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Are you a Middle-Aged and want to try Crossfit?

While I was not middle aged when I first started exercising I was closer to 40 when I started Crossfit. At Crossfit Saraland we are getting more and more middle-aged new comers in the door and their first thoughts are that they can't do what the young kids can and they are right!! No one can when they first step in the doors, whether you are use to working out or not. 

When you are in your 40s or even 50s you wake up and everything hurts - ohhh what it would be like to wake up again with a spring in your step!! Not to mention the pounds don't just fall off like they did in your 20s or even 30s. It's a whole different ball game now. If you are there and want to give Crossfit a try but scared you won't be able to keep up with the youngins then here are some tips to get you started: 

1. Find a Crossfit gym:  Most gyms have a try it before you buy it policy and we do too. You can try your first class free. This will give you an idea of the environment and give you a chance to meet some of the coaches and members. You need to be able to trust the trainers - most of the lifts we are do are very technical and you need knowledgeable coaches. Just know starting that we have ALL been that newbie before and this was once new to all of us. A good bit of our members are in their upper 30s and 40s even so you will be in good hands. 

2. Find members and class times you jive with:  We will be spending lots of time together so it's important you intermingle and meet as many members as you can- we will lift some weights, sweat and even curse together sometimes. Most importantly we will cheer you on til the end. Whether you are the first one to finish the workout or dead last, we will be there every step of the way. At the end of the day we all guinely love each other. We offer several class times throughtout the day to fit your busy schedule and even offer childcare in the afternoons if need be. 

3. You are going to be sore:   Yepppp I said it and you know what? you might even get injured! Us middle-aged folks could throw our back out just getting out of the car wrong, haha. You are going to be putting your body in positions you never have before and places will hurt and be sore you didn't even know existed. Take your mightly dose of ibprofen and come back the next day and the next. It will never get any easier by quitting! Don't be that guy. You want to be around for your kids and grand kids right? We totally get it... we may just need a little more stretch time before and after class. 

4. Get over the embarrassment factor:  Yeah yeah yeah you've not been active in a long time, yeah yeah yeah you use to could do this and that - we've heard it all and get it. and YES there will be people in the class in better shape than you. What we do care about is that you get in a great workout for where you are TODAY and what you can do today! Not the Bob or Susie you were 20 years ago. You will probably get embarrassed at some point but when you realize that everyone is doing their own thing and no one is studying what you are doing you will get over that real fast. We've all fallen down during a lift, some fallen off the rigs and some of us even farting during a lift or two. These people will be like your family and they will be people that will understand what you are going thru when no one else in your life will. They will celebrate with you the first time you get a pull up or that one double under. We will share more than farts with each other over the years I promise you! This isn't high school - no one is talking about you. 

5. The membership cost:   Yeah it's expensive but this is what I tell people when signing up - after the first month or two you will have fallen in love with it and you couldn't imagine your life before. Suck it up and pay the $150 for unlimited membership or $115 for 3 days a week. You are training for LIFE not just to lift heavy weights or to run faster. Crossfit is so much more of a mental exercise some days then physical and that is the best therapy you can ever do for yourself. Walk in from having a bad day at work or kids being little punks and I promise you for one hour you won't think about that jerk of a boss. This will be your HAPPY hour. 

Why Crossover Symmetry?

We have a crossover symmetry system installed on the walls of Crossfit Saraland yet few athletes take the time to utilize it or even understand the importance of it. What if we told you it could help you recover and heal from shoulder injuries as well as prevent them and even PR some lifts in the process? Bet you would be on board now, huh? Don't just take it from us but listen to the one and only Ben Bergeron talk about his experience with it and how it's such a staple in his gym. 


In under 5 weeks, Ben Bergeron's wife Heather, went from a torn rotator cuff to snatch & handstand walk PR's.