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Crossfit Saraland

First ever Saraland Combat Challenge. 


The event will take place Saturday, March 9th with check-in beginning at 7am. It will be held outside CrossFit Saraland at 120 Industrial Parkway in Saraland, AL. 

The Saraland Combat Challenge will act as a fundraiser to cover our local firemen’s costs to compete in the 2019 Firefighters Challenge season. A portion of the money raised will also be donated to Mary Beth. Mary Beth is a local girl who was diagnosed with DIPG in October of 2018.


Test your strength, agility, and skills on the same course thousands of firefighters do each year! The obstacles each participant must go through will be:

-Forced Entry

-Charged Hose Drag

-Kaiser Sled

-Dummy Drag

-Hose Hoist

Instructional videos for how to safely and effectively complete each obstacle will be released well in advance. We’ll also provide suggested warm-up activities that will help you prepare to do your best.

Typically firefighters are required to wear full gear during a Combat Challenge, but due to the community nature of our event, this will not be a part of our requirements. However, we can assure you that the course will still be plenty challenging.


There will be Chief divisions for those who would like to compete among others who are looking for real competition. If you’d rather try it for fun or simply not worry about the competitive side, go with Rookie divisions. 

For the team competition, the first person will complete the first obstacle, then on to the second person, and so on until the final person crosses the finish line.

There will be two courses right next to each other – two teams/individuals will be going at the same time. Each team/person is racing for their best overall time.

Each team/person gets one run of the course to score their best time. In the event there is a tie for an overall or award placement, the two teams will run the course again to determine a winner.


Limited spots will be available so reserve yours now!

Fees and t-shirt sales will all go toward the causes. You can also sign up as a volunteer for the event if that’s how you’d like to participate! 



AUSTIN SEALEY- Captain Life Safety Division. Austin became a firefighter because he came from a family of first responders and military and wanted a career where he could help people and make a difference. He has been in the fire service for 13 years, and currently handles the fire inspections for the city as well as the plans review for any new buildings and renovations of existing buildings.

Austin and his wife Crystal have been married for 6 years. She is a teacher for Satsuma High School, and they have two daughters, Camille 4 and Adalynn 11 months.


CORRY BAILEY – Mobile, AL. He went to the University of South Alabama where he studied to be an EMT in 2006. Corry started his career as a Firefighter with the City of Saraland in 2007, he got promoted to Driver in 2010. He later went back to school and became an Advanced EMT in 2016

Corry is a hardworking and loving, husband and father. He married his wife Aislinn in October 2008. They have two kids girl Allana (6) and boy Bowie (9 months). He loves spending time with his family and they always travel with him to every competition.

Corry competes in the Firefighter Combat Challenges because he wants to push himself to be better at his job and to be healthier in life in general. He also enjoys the communication with Firefighters from other parts of the country. He hopes that others will see what the team is doing and want to better themselves.


LAWRENCE BURGETT – Mobile, AL. Lawrence Burgett, traveled to California for college after High School at Saint Paul's Episcopal. He is a proud husband and father of two sons. His fire service career began in California in 2013 through the Tulare County Fire Department. He gained many hands-on fire fighting experience with Tulare County Fire Department through a combination of municipal fire fighting and large scale Wildland fire assignments, including the Monticello fire of 2014. Upon completion of his second Associates Degree, one being in Automotive and the other in Fire Science, he returned home to Alabama to serve around the community he grew up in. Coming home, he worked for Newman's Ambulance as an EMT, then Prichard Fire Department, and has most recently been welcome as one of the newest hires of the Saraland Fire Department along with the newest team member of the Saraland Combat Challenge Team.

Burgett always strives to be the best firefighter possible. He sees the competitions as an opportunity to not only better himself as a firefighter, but to encourage others to view fitness as a better way to serve our community.



LEE TAYLOR – Foley, AL. Lee was born March 15, 1993 and has worked in fire service for 4 years. He spent the first 2 years serving the city of Prichard and has been with Saraland for the last 2 years. Lee loves the fire service because it’s a respectable industry in which you can, in turn, help people.

Lee is newly married to Vy Tran. He competed in his first firefighter competition in 2016. He loves the competition and believes that physical fitness is part of being the best firefighter he can be.


MICHAEL GREENE, Daphne AL. Michael has been serving as a firefighter for thirteen years. He has worked for Saraland Fire Rescue for ten of those years. Michael has always had an interest in helping others, which is what pulled him to the career of the fire service. He initially gained his experience as a firefighter with Prichard Fire Department from 2005-2008. In 2008, Michael began working for Saraland Fire Rescue. In 2014 Michael began working with Semmes Fire Rescue. Michael currently serves the City of Saraland as a Firefighter and The City of Semmes as a Lieutenant.

In 2012 Michael married his wife, Danielle Greene. Danielle and Michael have a boy (Jackson) (6), and a girl (Olivia) (3). Michael lives an active lifestyle and started participating in the Firefighter Combat Challenge in 2016 and helped start Saraland’s first Combat Challenge Team. Michael challenges and motivates not only his team members but his coworkers as well.

Michael believes that fitness is a key building block in helping achieve goals not only as a firefighter but in life as well. He plans to continue training for future firefighter combat challenges and to hopefully motivate other firefighters in their physical fitness to help extend their careers.


NATHAN PERKINS, Saraland, AL. Nathan has been serving as a firefighter for nine years. He has worked for Saraland Fire Rescue for four of those years. Nathan has always had an interest in the field of Fire Service and set out to make that desire become his career. He initially gained his experience as a volunteer firefighter with Robertsdale Fire Department from 2009-2015. In 2012, Nathan began working for Bay Minette Fire Department and continued working there until he was hired with Saraland Fire Rescue in 2014.

 In 2006, Nathan graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotions. He married his wife, Jeanne Perkins, in 2007 and they have two boys, ages seven and four. Nathan, being raised in Saraland, Alabama, decided to make it home once again for his family when they moved to Saraland in 2015.

Nathan enjoys living an active lifestyle and was excited about the opportunity to be a member of the Saraland Combat Team. Nathan stated that the firefighter combat challenges are a motivation to not only train to be faster and a better firefighter with increased endurance, but to continuously achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. He plans to continue training for future firefighter combat challenges and to hopefully motivate other firefighters in their physical fitness.