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Crossfit Saraland

our philosophy on nutrition


At CrossFit Saraland, we don't believe in fad diets. There are healthier and more effective ways to meet your fitness goals and we are here to help you achieve them. When you look at the Crossfit Fitness Pyramid, the foundation is nutrition. Dialing in your nutrition is a vital component in achieving optimal health, weight and performance goals. Our Nutrition Program (like our CrossFit and One on One Coaching Programs) combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. 

Our Nutrition Coaching Program is very unique and is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”. Imagine the confidence you could have walking into the grocery store or a restaurant knowing exactly what you should eat to not only feel great but look great too!

The internet is filled with diet plans, recipe plans, and other information. There are a lot of programs out there telling you what NOT to eat or how to replace meals with supplements or a shake but what if we could attain this confidence through learning what TO eat and using whole foods with limited ingredients? Behold, a teaching program to build life-long skills one step at a time!

To learn more about how our coaches can provide you with Nutrition guidance, email