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Crossfit Saraland Stories

Crystal Brannon

1 felt very welcomed and Crossfit helps me push harder than I ever have

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Like a lot of people, I had the misconception that I wouldn’t be able to do most of the movements they utilized at CFS, and that unless you were in good shape already, it probably wasn’t for you. I decided to try it anyway and quickly saw that the coaches and members made me “feel very welcomed and also helped me push harder than I ever have”. It has been so exciting to see myself have many “firsts” including jumping rope, box jumps, banded pull ups (thanks Coach Richard) and more! They may not be huge accomplishments to other people but they are to me because I know how much hard work I have put in to get this far. I am looking forward to reaching my long term goals but CFS celebrates with me now because to date, I have lost more than 40lbs and gained invaluable confidence and a new group of friends and family in the process.

Sarah Wallace

I was a former CrossFit naysayer

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        CrossFit was something I started on a whim after college.  As a high school athlete, I’ve always thrived off of competition and team comradery.  I like pushing myself and pushing others as well.  Setting personal goals and attaining them was always something I took pride in, but to be honest, at this point in my life, it wasn’t something that was on my forefront.  I had just graduated college, was overweight and had really let myself go.  Late nights, fast food, all the fun, but bad habits you pick up in college lingered around me.   A group of girlfriends had talked to me about trying CrossFit.  Of course, I initially resisted because I was out of shape and from what I knew about CrossFit, I didn’t feel like it was the place for me.  I felt like everyone who did CrossFit was super in shape and I wouldn’t fit the mold.  Boy was I ever so wrong.  After a lot of persuading from my friends, I finally gave it a shot and I’m proud to say I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was the perfect fit for me.  I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and the people.  It was apparent this was a team atmosphere—almost like one big family. I was surrounded  by people who were there pushing themselves to be better individuals all the while cheering on others to do the same—the exact team dynamic I had missed so much.   I saw different body types, weight scales, strengths and weaknesses—but all had one common goal—working to be better versions on themselves.  This was something I definitely wanted to be a part of.

                  When I started, I was at the bottom.  I finished dead last every day.  While frustrating a lot of the time, I realized I was only bettering myself by being there and if I could keep pushing, someday I would be where I wanted to be.  Over time, modified movements became not so modified, workouts that originally took me 20 minutes were now taking 12 minutes and weight in my lifting steadily started to climb. Let me tell you something, there are few things in this world greater than feeling yourself get stronger… and better.  CrossFit has absolutely instilled a confidence in me I didn’t have before.  It’s made me realize the things I once thought impossible, were possible and I was absolutely capable. 

                  A few years in and I’m happy to report I’ve lost the weight, gained some lifelong friends, and become more mentally and physically tough than I ever imagined.  I’m so glad I decided to take a chance and let it change my life.  If I regret anything, it’s not starting sooner.  One word of advice from a former CrossFit naysayer:  Give it a chance.  You might actually surprise yourself.

Scott Dobbins

I always thought I was in decent shape before...

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I had years of traditional gym workouts under my belt and played sports all growing up before deciding to join Crossfit Saraland. I was tired of the traditional stuff and knew I was ready for a challenge. I have now been a member of CFS for over 2 years now and have managed to get in the best shape of my life all while completely changing my body composition. 

Jeffrey Gatewood

Two years after being a successful high school two sport athlete, this self described “husky” kid found himself inactive and 40lbs overweight.

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I knew I needed a new challenge and accepted an invite from a friend to come try one of our Saturday partner workouts. I immediately loved the energy I felt from the encouraging group atmosphere and wanted to know more. The next day I and fellow member Hudson Haupt drove “the long way” (but that’s another story) to Pensacola to watch a couple CFS teams compete in the Pensacola Beach Brawl and that was it! After seeing people challenge themselves to a new level, I knew I'd found something worth my time, effort and money. I soon joined CFS and in January 2017, with a free month of unlimited membership up for grabs, I threw my hat in the ring on a gym wide Paleo challenge. I was able to show myself what true discipline looks like and not only dramatically increased my performance, but lost 40lbs in the process! To date I have lost 52lbs and I credit joining CFS as being “one of the best decisions I have ever made”. I am now passing on what I have learned about nutrition and exercise to my family and they are reaping the benefits of my lifestyle change also. Now the only thing “husky” about me now is my confidence that I am more capable than ever before to handle any challenge that come my way.